Course Description

5-Session Course

A gateway course on single-camera field production for students who want to learn the art and technology of nonfiction storytelling. This course emphasizes content development, storytelling strategies, and production skills in the context of relevant ethical, aesthetic, and social issues.

Learner Outcomes

  • Understand the role of the documentary filmmaker as an artist and storyteller.
  • Display working knowledge of digital production and post-production technology.
  • Recognize viable strategies for developing and structuring documentary narratives.
  • Utilize visual grammar and storytelling devices effectively in a range of documentary genres.
  • Understand how to collaborate effectively on a professional documentary production.


camera viewfinder


Students participating in Professional Studies non-credit courses must possess a minimum of a High School diploma and must be an adult age 18 or older. Non-credit courses are taken primarily by professionals seeking to develop new skills, broaden their expertise, and build a knowledge base for their professional or personal goals. No application is required. Simply enroll by adding a course to your shopping cart and follow the steps during the checkout process.

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Intro to Documentary Production
Remote Learning
6:00PM to 9:00PM
Feb 06, 2024 to Mar 05, 2024
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  • Emerson College
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A614 tuition $475.00
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Nov 06, 2023 to Feb 12, 2024
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Section Notes

Technology/ Software:

(Preferred) Adobe Premiere Part of Adobe Creative Cloud - requires monthly subscription https://www.adobe.com/

iMovie (minimum requirement) Available for phone, tablet/iPad, and computer https://www.apple.com/imovie/

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