Emerson Degree-Seeking Students

Can I register for my classes through this website?

If you are currently working towards a Bachelor's or Master's degree at Emerson and wish to enroll in credit-bearing courses that count toward your degree, enroll for your courses using the instructions provided to you by the Registrar's Office, your academic advisor, or graduate program director. Professional Studies website registration is primarily for visiting students from other institutions, adult professionals enrolling in courses for professional development, and for incoming admitted Emerson degree students who wish to take a course early before their official start term (please see below for instructions). Course enrollments through the Professional Studies website require payment at the time of registration and are not eligible for payment by Financial Aid. 

I was just admitted to Emerson for an undergraduate degree program but want to take a class early before my official start term

Students admitted for the Fall semester may be eligible to take a course(s) early during the Summer semester. Please note: This option is only available for summer courses. Professional Studies cannot enroll students in credit-bearing courses during the spring or fall semesters as courses are restricted during these semesters to current Emerson degree students.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Please speak with an advisor to determine which course(s) best fits your degree plan.
  2. Create a New User temporary account at professional.emerson.edu (Note: if you already have an Emerson email address and user account created when you were admitted to Emerson, you will still need to create a temporary account to give you initial access to register for classes with Professional Studies.)
  3. Add courses to your shopping cart
  4. You will be asked during the checkout process to login. Use the "I am a Temporary User" login option with the credentials you created in step 2.
  5. Follow the remaining prompts in the checkout process to complete your enrollment and payment.

After you have registered for your class, your student information will then be matched with your existing Emerson student account established when you were admitted to the College. As a registered student, your temporary account will no longer be used. All future logins will use your permanent Emerson student credentials (Emerson email address and Duo app) to login to any Emerson systems during your time at Emerson. In future semesters, you will meet with an advisor each semester to plan your schedule and enroll with instructions provided by the Registrar's office each semester to enroll in their system.

What is Professional Studies?

Professional Studies is an Emerson department which oversees Summer School, January Intersession, and May Intersession courses. We also offer non-credit certificate programs, graduate credit certificates applicable toward a master's degree, and pre-college academic enrichment programs for high school students. 

How do I enroll in Summer School?

As an Emerson degree-seeking student, you may register for summer courses just as you would for your fall and spring classes through eCommon. Full registration instructions are available on the Registrar's website. Summer courses are posted in the February timeframe so you can view course listings before registration opens in eCommon in March. During the summer semester, undergraduate courses are significantly discounted from the regular academic year rates, so it's a great time to catch up, get ahead, or make progress towards your learning goals.

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