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"Introduces key sociological concepts, methodologies that provide pivotal tools for critical analysis of structures, agents of power focusing on roles shaping relationships, and institutions in local and global communities. Explores historical biographies that shape worldviews. Brings history to bear on present to identify and shape sociological imagination. Hands-on approaches extend learning beyond classroom, ensuring theory linked to practice. Students learn and live sociology as an integral aspect of individual and community identities."


This course is available for undergraduate credit. Students must possess a high school diploma and must be an adult age 18 or older to participate.
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Principles of Sociology / Anthropology
Jul 09, 2024 to Aug 21, 2024
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Undergraduate Tuition credit (4 units) $3,400.00
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4 units
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Aug 18, 2024
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No transfer request allowed after enrollment. Students may drop a course and re-enroll in a new course prior to the course start date.
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