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"Topics in political theory and philosophy vary by semester and may include: Aesthetics of Everyday Life; Art and Politics; Community, Communication, and Public Policy; Liberalism and Communitarianism; Logic; Censorship, Privacy, and the Public Good. May be repeated for credit if topics differ."

This course explores the vast philosophical literature on topics of life and death. While we can be certain that we will all one day die, how ought this recognition affect us while we’re living? Would immortality be a good thing? Is the taking of life ever justifiable? Would it be better if we had never been born? Is extinction bad? We will explore these and other questions in both historical and contemporary context.


Must be enrolled in Junior or Senior level at a College or University

This course is available for undergraduate credit. Students must possess a high school diploma and must be an adult age 18 or older to participate.

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Special Topics in Philosophy
Dec 20, 2021 to Jan 07, 2022
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Undergraduate Tuition credit (4 units) $3,112.00
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4 units
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Dec 27, 2021
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