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"What are the origins of the spectacular Arab uprisings that millions of Americans followed closely, and which led to the toppling of authoritarian regimes in several countries? Are we witnessing real revolutions or simple regime change? What are the implications of these revolts on the Western world, U.S. foreign policy, and representative liberal democracy? This course explores the modern history of the Arab world to investigate the origins and significance of the recent uprisings. It examines the interplay of culture, political economy, and history to help us contextualize the ongoing Arab revolts. Drawing on interdisciplinary fields, it engages with debates and controversies about the changing contours of the Middle East and North Africa in a world fraught with an economic crisis."


This course is available for undergraduate credit. Students must possess a high school diploma and must be an adult age 18 or older to participate.
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The Arab Uprisings
May 20, 2024 to Jul 08, 2024
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Undergraduate Tuition credit (4 units) $3,400.00
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4 units
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Jun 29, 2024
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